Let me ask you a questions…are you willing to lose your property to a foreclosure and carry that mark on your credit for 10 years? If your answer is no then we may be able to help you. 1st think that you need to do is exhaust all your options, I will show you.


What does exhaust all options mean? If you can take a moment right now and ask yourself this question “have I done everything I can to try and save my house?” Well if you do nothing you will definitely lose your house to foreclosure. Here is a list of options that you could look into before you have exhausted all options.

  1. Ask your lender for modification or refinance – your lender will have a qualifying process to see if they will allow you a modification.
  2. Asking family and friends to help
  3. Is there something you own of value that you can sell?

If you have done all that and if there is no more options and you are still in foreclosure then a shortsale could be a possibility.


Why is a shortsale better than a foreclosure, well first off a foreclosure is going to stay on your credit for 10 years!!! What? Yes a foreclosure will follow you for a long time and be a factor when trying to qualify with a lender to buy another house. Within a short period of time after a shortsale doesn’t stay on your credit and people do buy houses again after a shortsale within a short period of time after.


If you are in foreclosure and you would like to talk to one of us to see if we could help you try and solve your real estate problem then please call us or fill in the form with your info and someone on our team will get in touch.